Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Out with the old, in with the new....

I didn't realize how much willpower I have with this new change in my life. For years, I was a Pepsi Cola addict. Not diet Pepsi (never could stand the stuff, even now) but regular Pepsi in a tall glass filled with ice. That was my "coffee" in the morning for years to jump start my morning. Oh let's face it, I drank the stuff all day long. I should've invested in Pepsi stock, I'd probably be a rich woman by now with my contributions to the company by purchasing AND drink a 2 liter bottle in a course of 24 hours. Every single day for too many countless years.
Now when I look at any Pepsi ads or walk by the displays in the supermarket, I cringe. Yes, I can barely look at it because in my mind, that was part of the poison I had in my body when I was deathly ill with the out of control blood sugar.
Yes folks, I was a Pepsiholic who had to quit cold turkey.

I drink Orange Juice in the mornings now with my breakfast. Never really ate what one would consider a "healthy" breakfast for years. Until now. Congratulations Dad, you were right, my bad eating and drinking habits finally caught up to me.

Now I have traded the Pepsi for Crystal Light Iced Tea.


  1. Hugs, Deb. For what it's worth, it may take off weight for you, as well. And Crystal Light is actually better than soda. Hope you are doing OK.


  2. just started reading this...glad to see you're blogging and sharing and I hope you're getting the support and release you need from posting! keep your head up! :)