Monday, July 11, 2011

The Promise

Okay, I've been slacking with updating my blog. Every day I kept promising myself that I would start with the daily blogging again but for some reason I never fulfilled my promise, until today.
5 months have come and gone since my diagnosis. It still seems so surreal at times but yet I keep going every day with new challenges to face. I would be lying if I said that I DON'T feel sorry for myself because I have Diabetes. However, my loving husband gently reminds me that feeling sorry for myself isn't going to change the fact that I have this disease and will have it for the rest of my life.
I am planning to commemorate my 40th birthday with getting a tattoo. I am leaning towards getting a small butterfly on either my shoulder or lower back, with the gray awareness ribbon for the butterfly's body. I have thought about this for hours on end and decided that this is my way of getting closure by getting my body inked.

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